Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How long will my car be in the shop?
A:  Many variables contribute to the amount of time a vehicle is in the shop for repairs.  The size and type of repair, availability of parts and possible hidden damage are some common factors to consider.  The appraiser who prepares your estimate should be able to give you a more accurate time line.

Q: Why does my insurance company want me to take my car to their “preferred” shop?
A: Your insurance company has entered into a contract with their preferred shop, which allows them certain discounts.  As the vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to verify the body shop’s capability of repairing your vehicle.

Q: Do I have to take my car to my insurance company’s preferred shop?
A:  No.  You always have the right to take your vehicle to the shop of your choice and it will not cost you any more money or take any longer to repair your vehicle.

Q: Why has my insurance company given me an estimate that is much lower in cost than yours?
A: Insurance adjusters and appraisers are trained to keep the estimate as low as possible in hopes of discouraging you from seeking additional payments.  Legally, your insurance company must pay the shop of your choice to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition, even if it means increasing their initial estimate.  Your preferred shop can negotiate the terms of the appraisal with your insurance company.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?
A:  C & C Auto Body offers a limited lifetime warranty on all repairs and paint work.

Q: What are aftermarket parts and will there by any on my vehicle?
A:  Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that are not made by the original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) of your vehicle.  Most insurance companies prefer the use of some aftermarket parts because they are cheaper than O.E.M. parts.  If they are used, it is written in your insurance policy and that is all your insurance company will pay for.  Ask your shop of choice about O.E.M. upgrade possibilities.

Q: Will my paint match?
A: Yes.  C & C Auto Body strives to produce “invisible” repairs.  We will match the existing paint as closely as possible using the same high quality products used by vehicle manufacturers.

Q: What is a super shop?
A: A super shop is what all shops should strive to be, but few actually succeed.  C & C Auto Body is the only local body shop that has invested the time and money required to remain on the cutting edge of technology.  It would not do us justice to just be called a body shop, like those who have remained behind the times.  C & C is a SUPER SHOP!

Because vehicles of the future cannot be repaired with tools of the past.