Super Shop

Industry professionals estimate that less than 10% of repair shops across the country are equipped and trained to properly repair today’s modern vehicles.  Why should those select few shops fall into the same category as the underachieving “body shops”?  C & C Auto Body has the best facility, the best equipment and the best trained employees.  We are not just another “body shop”.  We are a SUPER SHOP!

The Facility

12,000 sq. ft. of repair space designed and constructed for the sole purpose of repairing today’s vehicles.  C & C Auto Body is a high production shop focused on quality repairs performed in a timely manner.  Our facility has ample space to house all of our technologically advanced tools and equipment, as well as the vehicles being repaired.

The Tools

Two, world class, state-of-the-art, full down draft paint booths; they are, quite literally, the best that money can buy.  They provide the best possible environment for refinishing vehicles.

Pro-Spot i4 inverter spot welder.  ALL vehicle manufacturers recommend the use of spot welders over the more traditional, and more widely used, MIG welders.  There are two spot welders in all of the shops in the Mother Lode; both are owned by C & C Auto Body.

Computerized wheel alignments.  Today’s vehicles are constructed in such a way that the suspension and inner structure are connected.  Damage to either of these areas can compromise a vehicle’s safety.  Without a proper wheel alignment, your vehicle may not be safe for the road.

Hybrid air conditioning.  The emergence of  hybrid-electric vehicles has changed the face of the automotive world, setting new standards for fuel economy.  But, these vehicles require special tools and equipment to repair them properly.  The old a/c charging machines use an oil that is not compatible with hybrid cooling systems.  Our new a/c machine is hybrid compatible and, once again, C& C Auto Body is the only body shop in town with this type of equipment.

The Training

C & C Auto Body is an I-CAR Gold Certified repair facility.  Only 10% of repair shops meet the industry’s most stringent training requirements and achieve Gold Class certification.  We know how to fix your car right – so you can drive safe.

The Green Factor

It’s not easy being green, but C & C Auto Body cares about the environment, as well as our customers.  That’s why we designed our brand new, state-of-the-art repair facility with Mother Nature in mind.  Many shops today are so old and outdated, from their buildings to their equipment, they can’t help but pollute the environment.  C & C Auto Body has invested a great deal to ensure our energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our new metal buildings are extremely well insulated and employ the use of radiant heat and evaporative cooling to help cut the cost of temperature control.  Both buildings are outfitted with drain traps in the floor to prevent dangerous chemicals from contaminating the ground or the water in our community.

The factory recommended water-based paint that we use is better for our customers, our employees and the environment.  The world class spray booths, where we apply the water-based paint, are equipped with two stages of overspray arresting filters, trapping harmful paint fumes that would otherwise enter the atmosphere.

No other shop in the county takes such extensive safety measures.  Before you take your vehicle to another shop, please consider all the factors involved in the entire repair process; from the equipment being used to the building where the repair work is being performed.  Outdated, ill-equipped shops cannot compare to our quality or our respect for the earth.

The Bottom Line

C & C Auto Body is Tuolumne County’s 1st and only  Super Shop!  We are the largest, most modern, best equipped and ONLY state-of-the-art auto body shop in all of the Mother Lode.  We are the only local body shop that cares enough about you and your vehicle to have invested the time and money required to provide the highest quality, factory recommended repairs.