Environmentally Safe


It’s not easy being green, but C & C Auto Body cares about the environment, as well as our customers. That’s why we designed our brand new, state of the art repair facility with Mother Nature in mind. So many shops today are so old and outdated, from their buildings to their equipment, that they can’t help but pollute the environment. Everything is new here at C & C Auto Body; from the blacktop to the tippity-top of our new buildings; everything is new! Because everything is new, we are able to be more energy efficient. And because we are more energy efficient, we are better for the environment.

Our new metal buildings are extremely well insulated, to help cut the cost of temperature control by lowering our use of electricity. They are heated with radiant heated floors, the most efficient heating available today. They are cooled with a new, very efficient, and low energy consuming type of evaporative cooler. These comforts are not only environmentally friendly, they also help to keep our employees happier and more productive, which equals a better and faster repair for our customers.

The new equipment here at C & C Auto Body contributes to our “green” philosophy. We have a new rotary screw drive air compressor, as opposed to the old oil-using piston type. It not only produces more air while using less energy, it also produces contaminant free air, which is great for your new paint job, because oil (from the old style compressors) and paint don’t mix. Plus, there is no more dirty oil to change and dispose of. Our brand new paint spray booth/ovens are equipped with two stages of over spray arresting filters that trap the harmful paint fumes that would otherwise enter the atmosphere. Each spray booth is equipped with a direct-fire heater to bake the paint onto your vehicle; no energy wasting heat exchangers. Both of these spray booths are “water-borne ready,” meaning that they are already set up to handle water based paints that are new to the industry and will soon be mandatory for use in repair shops in California. Water based paint is better for the environment but, it requires the use of spray equipment that differs from the traditional spray equipment used in most shops today. We will embrace the use of water-borne paint and, fortunately, the transition to this new type of paint will not threaten the integrity or the promptness of our repairs because we have planned for the future of the collision repair industry. The large new frame rack, two different measuring systems, and state of the art, resistance type spot welder not only produce better quality work, they do the work faster and more efficiently. Faster and more efficient work equals lower amounts of external energy consumed. If we can do better quality work in less time, using less energy, then we are helping to combat global warming.

C & C Auto Body is also equipped with drain traps in both of our buildings that drain into an oil separating tank and prevent any dangerous chemicals from leaking into the ground. Oil and coolant spills are rare in our shop but when they do happen you can rest assured that we are not contaminating the ground or the water in our community. No other shop in the county, not even mechanic shops, take these kinds of safety measures. Before you take your vehicle to another shop, please consider the factors involved in the entire repair process; from the equipment being used to the building where the repair work is being performed. Outdated, ill-equipped shops cannot compare to our quality or our respect for the earth.